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Location and mailing address:

Bethel Christian Academy

Attn: M. Michele Bradshaw, Administrator

55 Highway 49 Columbiana, AL  35051



Course specific questions should be directed to the instructor.

BCA Co-op & Tutorial questions should be directed to M. Michele Bradshaw at

Sponsoring Church: 

Bethel Baptist Church

55 Highway 49

Columbiana, Alabama  35051

Mission Statement:

We are here so that home schooling families can obtain affordable classes for their children outside of the home. A variety of core and enrichment classes are offered to supplement the home environment. 

Statement of Faith (overview):

We are a Christian organization upholding Biblical principles and values. Our goal is to glorify God by equipping and encouraging homeschool families. (A detailed Statement of Faith can be found here.)


  • Must agree to policies outlined in this general information

  • Must agree to drop off and pick up  your child promptly;  we do not have before or after class supervision available

  • Purchase own materials including textbooks and supplementary materials

  • Prepare for class, participate in class and complete all assigned work

  • Pay all fees as indicated below; fees are non-refundable except as explained below


Course enrollment is a year-long agreement and is non-refundable except in the following situations: death of a parent, family moves more than 30 miles away or parent becomes employed. In these cases a pro-rated refund will be issued. Refunds will not be issued simply because a student returns to a public or private school or child does not want to fulfill the requirements of the class.

Facility & Registration fees must be paid to hold your spots. Class sizes are limited. 

Application submission opens 1 March and closes 31 July

Yearly Student Fees & Supply/Lab Fees are due by 31 July


1st semester class fees + any class supply fees are due on the first day of classes (paid directly to teachers)                            
ELEMENTARY BLOCK FEES go to Michele Bradshaw to distribute                            
ALL 2nd semester fees + any class supply fee are due on first class day of second semester (paid directly to teachers)                            
Facility Fees are made payable to Bethel Baptist Church  
online @
mail or deliver to BCA, 55 Hwy 49, Columbiana, AL 35051, Attn: Michele Bradshaw
$200 facility fee per non-BCA family paid one time per year (covers facility fees & misc costs) - non-refundable                            
$50 facility fee per BCA family paid one time per year (covers facility fees & misc costs) - non-refundable                            


Registration & Late Fees are made payable to Michele Bradshaw
mail or deliver to BCA, 55 Hwy 49, Columbiana, AL 35051  

$50 registration fee per non-BCA family paid one time per year - non-refundable                            
$25 late fee for registration after 17 July 2020  


Student Fees are made payable to Michele Bradshaw                            
Student Materials fee $50/student per year        


                ***Enrollment in CA Co-op is a year-long academic & financial commitment***


​It is very difficult to gain all of the knowledge from a class without being present. Therefore, students are strongly encouraged to attend all classes. However, we understand that absences will occur. Each teacher will set an attendance policy for their individual class.

Excessive absences are defined as more than 3 per semester for a weekly course.

Please do not send your child if they are ill or have recently been ill. This includes vomiting, diarrhea or fever. Students should be symptom free for 24 hours without medication before returning to class.


While on campus:

BCA students should stay at the BCA building (original brick church building).

Families are not to use the Bethel Baptist Church playground or other facilities.

School Code of Operations:

Cell phones / Tablets / Digital devices:

Bethel Baptist Church has adequate phone lines to allow students to reach parents (and vice versa) under most circumstances. Although BCA does not prohibit students from carrying or using cell phones, tablets, and other devices, they will be confiscated if they become a classroom distraction or it becomes evident the student is not sufficiently mature to handle these devices appropriately.


If attending a BCA Co-op & Tutorial classes, different teachers will have varying tolerances for devices in the classroom; students are encouraged to be certain they understand each teacher’s policy.


Under no circumstances should a BCA teacher, student, or guest be photographed or videotaped without their knowledge and consent. Students who capture such images, especially if they are posted online, are subject to severe disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion.


When a device is confiscated by a teacher, BCA may return it to the student, require a parent to pick it up, or mail it to the student’s home COD. BCA assumes no responsibility for the safety of confiscated devices once they’re taken up.



Dress Code: 

Students at BCA are expected to arrive and remain neat, modest and respectful in attire appropriate to a mixed-gender, K-12 environment.

General Principle: All attire must be modest – no exposed back, belly, cleavage or undergarments. (1 Peter 3:2-5)



  1. Shirts: T-shirts, polos, button-ups, sweatshirts, or sweaters. Tank tops are not permitted.

  2. Pants: Khakis, dress pants, blue jeans, dress shorts, or denim shorts. Shorts must be modest: usually, no more than 4” above the knee. 

  3. Hair: Neatly groomed. Extreme or outlandish hairstyles are not permitted.     

  4. All clothes must fit appropriately.

  5. All attire must be modest and should not contain offensive or inappropriate material.



  1. Shirts: Blouses, T-shirts, polos, button-ups, sweaters, sweatshirts, or sweaters. Tank tops are not permitted.

  2. Pants: khakis, dress pants, blue jeans, dress shorts, or denim shorts. Shorts must be modest: generally, no more than 4” above the knee. No athletic shorts or pants.

  3. Dresses: skirts or dresses no more than 4” above the knee (including any slits).

  4. All clothes must fit appropriately.

  5. Hair: neatly groomed. Extreme or outlandish hairstyles are not permitted. 

  6. All attire must be modest and should not contain offensive or inappropriate material.


Lost and found:

The school assumes no responsibility for misplaced or improperly stored items. Lost and found items will be placed in the front office. If not claimed after a reasonable time, such items are donated and / or sold.


Inclement Weather:

  • During inclement weather, school closings or delays will be announced as soon as reasonably possible. In most situations the announcement will not be made until the morning of the school day. All closing / delay decisions are made with the safety of our school family in mind.

  • When school is closed for inclement weather, all school-sponsored events for the day--including clubs--will be cancelled, unless otherwise notified.

  • The only official media to report school closings / delays are the BCA website ( and Facebook page.

  • We have enacted a policy under which we will close / delay any time the Shelby County school system does.

Academic Fraud:

The following information on academic fraud is modified from the University of Virginia’s Honor Court and can be accessed at the following URL:


Academic fraud includes:

1.Plagiarism: Plagiarism is using someone else’s ideas or work without proper or complete acknowledgment. Plagiarism encompasses many things, and is by far the most common manifestation of academic fraud. For example, copying a passage straight from a book into a paper without quoting or explicitly citing the source is

blatant plagiarism. In addition, completely rewording someone else’s work or ideas and using it as one’s own is also plagiarism.


It is very important that students properly acknowledge all ideas, work, and even distinctive wording that are not their own. However, certain information in any discipline is considered “common knowledge” and may be used without

acknowledgment. What is considered to be common knowledge varies among fields; when in doubt consult a teacher. Students unsure of how to properly acknowledge a source are encouraged to consult a teacher or style manual.


Papers at Charger Tutorials should be written following the guidelines of the

MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers unless a teacher instructs otherwise.


2.Multiple Submission: Multiple submission is the use of work previously submitted at this or any other institution to fulfill academic requirements in another class. For example, using a paper from an 11th grade English class for a 12th grade assignment is academic fraud. Slightly altered work that has been resubmitted is also considered to be fraudulent. With prior permission, some teachers may allow students to complete one assignment for two classes. In this case prior permission from both instructors is absolutely necessary.


3.False Citation: False citation is falsely citing a source or attributing work to a source from which the referenced material was not obtained. A simple example of this would be footnoting a paragraph and citing a work that was never utilized.


4.False Data: False data is the fabrication or alteration of data to deliberately mislead. For example, changing data to get better experiment results is academic fraud. Whenever in doubt about what may be considered academic fraud, immediately consult with the professor.


5.Internet Resources: Internet resources are now the primary research material of most high school students. Many web sites provide reliable information; however, many others do not include well-documented or peer-reviewed research. If you rely on internet sources for research, please be sure to use the proper citation. You may consult a style manual or consult with a teacher. For all sources, the burden lies with the student to verify the accuracy, validity, reliability, and professionalism of any

materials used as educational sources. Failure to use appropriate sources and site them correctly may result in punishment explained below.


If Academic Fraud is discovered, the student will first be required to meet with the teacher to ensure that the student receives instruction about the correct use of resources and proper citation. The initial offense may be punished by receiving a "zero" for the specific assignment; a failing grade for the semester will be recorded if there is a second offense; and denial of participation in any further BCA classes if the issue is discovered again. For any questions regarding Academic Fraud, you are encouraged to speak to a teacher prior to turning in the work in question; after the fact, “I didn’t know” will not be a valid excuse for Academic Fraud.

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